Paid Hotel Management Internship in Barcelona, Spain


Paid Hotel Management Internship in Barcelona

Our collaborator is a young, international and fast-paced tourism company in constant growth and development, based in Barcelona. The concept as a company is to deliver unique experiences to the clients, to exceed their expectations and make sure they have a great stay with us in Barcelona. Not only is this great for the customers, but it also makes the work fun! And it is the reason why they are ranked with some of the most highly rated holiday apartment companies in Barcelona. They boast a great work environment and fantastic team spirit where everybody is enjoying themselves, learning and making an impact on the company.

What they offer:

This role involves managing the 12 room hotel and 20-holiday rental apartments. This position will allow you to gain management skills, customer service skills and administrative skills. Doing an internship with us will give you all the experience to enable you to go out and start your own small tourism business. On top of that, they offer a very fun work environment filled with cool co-workers who also spend a lot of time together outside of work. Generally have a lot of fun but also work seriously and professionally towards the goals. They have a very passionate and inspired team and are looking for new people to join us in managing the small hotel.

We want you to have a good time and help us to make the hotel even better!

What they are looking for:

They are looking for happy 18-25 year old, open-minded and socially confident people with great interpersonal skills and who loves to talk, as contact with their customers is key! It is important to be able to work in a dynamic and sometimes fast-paced company where things can change all the time, so a good stress tolerance is required. They need someone who is independent and able to make decisions on their own on the spot and who likes a challenge. A great flair for service and the ability to work efficiently and follow tasks through without supervision is absolutely key. It is also very important that you are a frequent user of and therefore completely comfortable with computers and smartphones and don´t have problems picking up on new systems and technologies. An ambitious and enterprising mind is preferred as long as you know how to stay humble.


– Check ins and outs, customer service

– Talking to customers via phone and in person

– Getting to know the guests and understanding their needs and expectations (most important)

– Complaint handling, selling tours and tickets to guests

– Suggesting and recommending activities to the guests

– Preparing cleaning plans

– Managing maintenance staff, proceeding bookings, managing channels, pricing

– Administrative work, emailing with guests, marketing, delivering experiences to the guests

– Any other tasks required in order to manage the selection of holiday apartments and hotel.

Required skills:

It is absolutely required that you speak English at a C2 level and preferably, but not necessarily, one more language.

Minimum required length:

They can only accept internships of a minimum of 5 months. Internships shorter than 5 months are not mutually beneficial, 5 months is a sufficient amount of time for the intern to be fully trained and allows them to get into full swing in their role and make the most of their internship here.

Terms and Conditions:

It is required that you work 8 hour days, 5 days a week. These 5 days could be any day of the week, and your 2 days off are not necessarily consecutive. Hours may vary depending on the schedule that day, but in general office hours are 10-18. Hotel interns have two shifts, 8-16 and 13-21. This job requires a certain level of flexibility from interns. If any over hours are gained they can be recovered at a time agreed with your supervisor. The salary is 150 euros /month, after the 4th month of work salary is increased by 50 euros per month until after the 10th month when the intern receives 450 euros. The salary then maintains at 450 euros per month for the remainder of the internship. It is possible to earn some variable bonuses, but not up to more than approx 100-300 euros /month. They do not have a set start or end date for the interns, it depends on when suits them and their studies, the only requirement is that the internship is a minimum of 5 months.

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