Management Internship In London, UK


Management Internship In London, UK

You’ll be out and about, running around to make sure no ball gets dropped, and you’re going to get your hands super duper dirty. Analyse how we operate, develop operational strategies, focus on logistics and get things done. You’ll need an attention to detail, have a knack for complex planning, and a willingness to learn anything and everything that goes into scaling, developing and operating a business.

This position is meant for those of you who challenge the status quo on a daily basis, seek and desire to radically change the inefficiencies in the world, and get what it means to build movements and not just machines.

Build from the ground up. Enter new markets, source equipment, develop relationships and execute the day-to- day tasks to make the business run.

  • Create and manage processes that are locally relevant, but scale nationally.
  • Develop operational dashboards and be the master of all things metrics to help develop growth strategies that allow the teams to operate efficiently.
  • Collaborate with product, analytics and operations in developing the tools and systems our team needs to scale internationally.

We connect European students with companies all over Europe.

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