IT Internship in Oslo, Norway


IT Internship in Oslo

Our collaborator is a central international organisation that offers 4 roles in a department called Platform services. They build tools and infrastructure that help ~1500 engineers in some of Europe and South America’s biggest online marketplaces be more efficient in developing services on the cloud. 

They maintain CI/CD infrastructure at scale, manage Kubernetes clusters, connect all through event buses and develop automation on top of it. They also built the big data infrastructure that supports data scientists around the company, and ensure that all the software they produce follows the highest security standards. They are using cutting edge technology both in the developed house or in the open-source community along with big players like Google or Netflix.


Technical skills you will learn:

  • Front-End
  • UX
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Full-text search engines like Elasticsearch.
  • Automated tooling
  • Latency map


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