Human Resources & Marketing/Research in Barcelona, Spain


Human Resources & Marketing / Research in Barcelona

This role acts as a support to the MD and allows the individual to become involved in service delivery without taking a client facing function at initial stages. Main objective is candidate and client acquisition across Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

Trainee Global recruiter

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Candidate name gathering in report format
2. Market sector information gathering
3. Preparation of reports and marketing business letters to prospective clients
4. Develop candidates and send them out to clients with a view to placement
5. Manage 20-30 candidate through to commencing employment
6. Assisting selection interviewing
7. Develop key accounts -min 10 accounts to be managed
8. Update internet site
9. Liase with clients and candidates re interviews and follow up
10. Manage candidate database
11. Marketing company to candidates and clients via company templates
12. Use of Co database and update records on clients and candidates
13. Manage data and build/acquire database
14. Obtain relevant subscriptions from industry journals
15. Organise corporate events
16. Find out about relevant industry events/exhibitions and obtain tickets
17. Manage sales and marketing of company
18. Understand Excel, Word, Powerpoint

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