University collaboration

We help universities to send students abroad.

Europe internship is a tool for students to help them plan their stay abroad. It is free for both universities and students, and always will be.
We created an online platform to address students needs before going abroad. Our knowledge of student needs, entrepreneurship and technological development made it possible to come up with this platform. As former Erasmus students ourselves, we have been through the same experience. We know it can be difficult and stressful and therefore we want to help you.

Important key facts

Our project has been partly funded by an EU Regional Development fondation as well as through private investments. We made it to the final of the “Europioneers Entrepreneurs of the year awards” under the category “Startup of the year”. This was the cherry on top of our effort. We are also selected by Telefonica (second biggest phone company in the world) to develop our project. And we work with one of the main business accelerators in Europe to develop or business even more.

What exactly do we offer?

Our platform basically offers 4 kind of services.

1. Internships

We have an internship system with more than 3000 vacancies. It is also completely free for students. They can apply for vacancies and read reviews and comments from other students. On the other hand, companies can offer their vacancies on the website. They can pay for a package in order to promote their vacancy.

2. CV Maker

This is a new feature. Companies can buy the CV’s of students. It will make the process easier to find the right candidate for the position. In stead of waiting for the right candidate to apply, companies can be proactive towards candidates.

3. City Guides

On our website, students will find unique city guides offering firsthand information for every Erasmus destination written by other students. These city guides provide information about where to live, how the transportation system works and important things to know. All this information has been combined in order to help students understand their new home.

4. Social tools

Students can interact with other students. Maybe they are looking for someone who is going to the same city or who has the same questions about a certain topic. In any case, this will be helpful to plan their stay abroad.