Top 10 must-have student apps to survive in any environment

As a student, you must have attended countless of boring lectures playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook on your mobile. But we bet that you also use more practical applications like Google Maps or Google Translate. With all the awesome apps available nowadays, smartphone has become some kind of a personal assistant that will help you in almost every situation. No matter if you are just bored or want to get directions to this new pub in the city everyone is talking about. But if an ordinary mobile is such a necessity for regular people, just try to imagine how much a smartphone means for an Erasmus student. When you move abroad and look for a cheap room to rent, even the smallest help is appreciated. This is why we have prepared for you a listing of the best, must-have Student apps that will save your day!

Our top 10 must-have student apps

Google Maps

Source: Google Play

There is nothing worse than getting lost in a foreign country. And unfortunately, that is very likely to happen especially on these first days of your stay in new city. Of course you can always ask local people for directions but the odds are that not everyone will speak English, not to mention your mother tongue. Thank heavens we have Google Maps. With this app on your smartphone you can reach every location without problems. Getting from the place of your accommodation to the university has never been easier no matter if you decide to go by foot or choose public transportation. And if you are looking for a supermarket near your flat, use the option “search nearby”.


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We´ve already mentioned that you may encounter communication problems on your Erasmus. But Apple has an app for that too! With over 80 languages available, iTranslate is one of the greatest dictionaries. You can translate single words as well as longer phrases. Thanks to this app you will be able to communicate with local people smoothly and all the signs and menus will no longer be a mystery to you.


Source: Google Play

Being an Erasmus student means you´ll turn into a passionate photographer taking pics of literally everything you see. And if you want to give your photos a more artsy look, you need Instagram on your smartphone. The app offers a variety of one-tap special effects like custom-designed filters and borders to turn each photo into a true piece of art that will leave your Facebook friends breathless and envy of your adventure.

Cookpad recipes

Source: Google Play

Moving abroad means that you will have to cook for yourself on a daily basis. You probably know how to prepare a sandwich or scrambled eggs with ease but you´ll get bored with them after a while. That´s why you need a cooking app and the best option is Cookpad recipes. The app provides you with complete recipes and detailed instructions how to prepare everything. You can also bookmark your favorite recipes for quick access and this way you´ll create your own cookbook.


Source: Google Play

Well, you can´t cook without doing the shopping first. And since you´re on Erasmus and have to live on a budget, you should always go to the supermarket with a shopping list to make sure you only purchase the stuff you truly need. Listonic is a great tool for this sort of thing. The app allows you to create shopping lists and gives you smart tips about the products you buy. If you´re going shopping with your flat mates, you can easily share your list with them and then split up to save time. Once you have crossed of an item off your list, it will disappear from your friend´s phone as well so you don´t have to worry that you will both buy the same thing twice.


Source: Google Play

Even though Erasmus is a great experience and you will have lots of fun while abroad, there´s no doubt you´ll miss your family and friends. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and there is Skype. Despite the fact that you´re miles away from your home, you have a chance to actually see and talk to your parents thanks to this wonderful app. You can download Skype for free on your smartphone or tablet and call home whenever you feel like it.


Source: Google Play

Evernote is particularly useful for students who need to make tones of notes. The app allows you to do it on your smartphone and get your studies organized. Your motes can be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated and even exported as part of a notebook.

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