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Getting an internship abroad was never easier with our premium services. We offered personalized and customized services for those looking for an internship abroad.

Our programs include the personal search and process support of internship placements in the different countries selected. These programs, therefore, have costs. We only charge customers once the internship is confirmed with an offer letter. Program costs: Registration deposit - 150 € Rest of the fees: Program A - 700 | Program B 440. Program A: GER-UK-IRL-FRA-BEL-SWI-NORDIC-NED-AUST-DINAM 700 - Program B: SPA-ITA-GREECE-CYPRUS-MALTA-PORTUGAL-BULGARIA-POLAND-CROATIA- CZECH REPUBLIC-EST-LIT-LET-TUR-ROMANIA There are no costs for submitting this formulary as well as it is not guaranteed that your service will be provided until one of our agents contacts you and ensures the the feasiblity of the request.

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