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Poland is located in Central Europe, on the south banks of the Baltic sea and to the east of Germany. The country has a population of 38 million, which makes it the 6 th most populous country in the EU. Poland is one of the Eastern European countries that had to recover from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Poland gained its independence back in 1989 and nowadays is a member of the EU, NATO, UN, WTO, and OECD.

A placement in a land with a lot of hard history

The history of Poland goes all the way back to the 10th century. The country regained its independence in 1918, but was invaded by Germany in world war II. Poland was a country that suffered the most in the war, losing 6 million Polish citizens. After WWII Poland was basically under the influence of the communist Soviet Union until 1989.

Intern in the rising economy of Poland

Poland would be a very interesting country to do an internship in. The country’s economy is considered to be one of the best out of all the post-communist countries in eastern Europe and the economy is currently growing very quickly. The country has a strong domestic market, very little private debt, and a flexible currency. In addition, the banking sector in Poland is the biggest in central and eastern Europe and in 2009 the country’s economy was the fastest growing in the EU.

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