Tips to manage the application process of your internship position.

Here we are, the most ennoying part for the HR team to manage: the application process. During this period of time, your mailbox will be inundated by application requests. You will need to review each applicants’ profile in order to determine the most talented one who might match your company’s requirements. Therefore, you will need to contact them in order to understand them better. And in the end, you will need to make a difficult choice which is to choose the right one. This is in brief, how we can describe the application process. Let’s now focus on each part of this process which is not difficult but which requires some attention and organisation!

Description and tips regarding the application process

Receive Applications

After the publication of your available position within your company on the world wide web you should soon receive some (between 0 and 200) demands according to the interest of the applicants regarding your vacancy. By the way, receiving such an amount of applicants in your personal address can lead to some management problem!

- To target relevant applicants' profile, create a well define and attractive position's post!

- If you don't have a mail address it's time to create one!

Review applications

This step is the most time-consuming one. Some of the CV and cover letter you will review will not have anything related to the position. Furthermore, it's a lot of information about the candidates and you need to to be focus while doing that in order to give your company the best luck to recruit a talented intern.
- Involve line staff and managers in the targeted department

- Give a task related to the position's field to figure out the motivation and knowledge of applicants

Make your selection

Make your first selection according to your company's requirements, the applicant's information you just analysed and your personal behaviour.

- Schedule your interviews regularly rather than making them all at the same time.

- Prepare specific note and questions regarding each selected candidates.

Discover the selected applicants

At this time of the process your interviews are scheduled and you already have some notes about your candidate so let's continue in this way and get acquainted with our different candidates. This part is the most important according to us because you might notice some details which are not in the CV or in the cover letter but which means a lot regarding the person in front of view.

- Focus more on accomplishments when interviewing rather than experience, knowledge, and skills. 

- Be ready to reply the applicants' questions regarding the position

Take a decision

Review your notes and implement themMake a record of the specific evidence which candidates have sharedregarding how they have achieved success, taken on challenges and solved problems.Look for evidence that candidates have and overcome obstacles in the past. And last but not least make your choice by judgingon attitude, work ethic, motivation and not only on your personal behaviours.

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