Internships in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other cities.

Israel has an extraordinary diverse, dynamic and vibrant culture that combines 4000 years of history with the most innovative technology and vision of future.
Also called ¨The Start Up Nation¨ Israel was ranked the 3rd most innovative country in the world and has the highest concentration of high-tech companies outside Silicon Valley (World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index).

We think those should be enough reasons to choose an Israel Internship. Anyway, 273 kilometers of beaches and 7 months of guaranteed sunny weather may also help you decide.

Placements can be paid or unpaid depending on the profile, lenght and field.


  • Science & Engineering
  • Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Agriculture and sustainability
  • High-Tech
  • Research
  • Non-governmental organizations NGO´s
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Hospitality 
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Summer, Semester and Full Year Internships are available.


You will need to make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after the program final date before you start the process.
How you can apply for a student visa?
Contact your local Israeli embassy or consulate to apply for a student visa.

North Americans and Western Europeans will be issued with a 3 month visa. Before the three months are up you can apply for a visa extension through the Ministry of Interior for a small fee. We highly recommend applying for your visa before arrival in Israel.

Please do check your legal status in Israel as based on your personal and family history at your local embassy. Legal Status may be Student, Tourist Status, Returning minor, Immigrant citizen, Temporary resident A/1, etc.


We understand that people may be concern about safety in Israel. Millions of tourists that visit every year prove that Israel is a safe place to travel and live in.

The authoritative “2018 Crime Index” lists Israel’s crime index score at number 81 out of 117 countries. As a point of comparison, the United States comes in at number 47, almost double that of Israel.

Israel sits lower on the index than the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, France, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Greece, New Zealand, Australia – dozens of countries that are not in the news daily, but are considered “safe” are factually and statistically more dangerous than Israel. 


Israel’s currency is the New Israel Shekel (NIS) or just ¨shekel¨. You can change money at the airport, banks, post offices or licensed exchange agencies in most cities. The rates vary from place to place and banks charge a commission.

ATMs are all over. You can withdraw local or foreign currency with your credit card.

The cost of living in Israel is about 10% higher than in the USA and the rent is on average 20% lower.

You can check the actual cost of living here


Israel is a small country, and it is therefore easy to get from one place to another in a relatively short time. Public transportation is convenient, and you can get to almost any destination for a reasonable price.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more detailed information about Health and Safety, Housing, transportation, communications, etc.
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