Create an internship position within your company.

Before creating an internship position in your company you will need to brainstorm about the following things. Make sure that you will be able to provide what the intern is looking for. And that is most of the time a first professional experience.

Guidelines and tips to keep in mind.

  • Are you able to welcome an intern ?

    Employers are sometimes expected to run poor internship positions. You need to be aware that an internship position can also be a signal of trust according to your company’s brand image. Students should be looking forward or even craving to do their internship at your company. But keep in mind that if you create an un-valuable internship it can become a weakness for your company.

  • Create structured tasks

    Make the most of your intern when he arrives. Be sure the tasks are job-related. Give them duties to ‘own’ and a project to complete during the duration of their internship. In order to define and structure that, you can make two lists comparing “What will our interns gain?” and “What will our company gain?”.

  • Appoint a designated manager

    An intern needs guidance, provide it. More specifically during the beginning period which consists of integrating into a new environment and learning new tasks!

  • Provide review, feedback, and reference

    Feedback is truly important for the interns. Provide them feedback as the internship progresses so that they can improve and succeed at work. Schedule a short review session at the end of the internship. It will allow you to point out their strengths and areas which are still are open for improvement. This way, they know which skills still need some work which skills they already master.

  • Get knowledge of the law regarding interns

    Regarding the different kind of placements, there are some rules to follow. This is where you should think about things such as salary, accomodation and duration of the internship. Legislation will be different for each country. Keep that in mind!

  • Run your intern position in the long term 

    This allows you to implement a permanent post for an intern and benefit from the input an intern can have every time.

  • Don’t bend the rules

    Unpaid interns can demand payment for their work up to six years after the end of the internship! Even if the intern agreed to work for free at that time.

  • Paid/Unpaid internships: Make your choice!

    Research shows that paying interns improves the experience and productivity for the intern and the company. A paid internship also ensures that the vacancy is open to candidates from all social backgrounds. As not everybody is capable of providing in their living expenses all by themselves.

  • Interview candidates properly

    You have every right to be picky even if the position doesn’t provide a payment. Interview as many candidates as you please in order to find the right one!

  • Look for potential, not experience

    Keep the idea of being fair and let this vacancy be accessible to a wide range of candidates. Since every person can have a positive influence on a certain project, a experienced intern or not.

  • Promote actively your available position

    Recruiting is often a pain in the ass. Keep in mind that all the talented students, full of hidden potential, don’t always find their way to your vacancy. Fair access is the issue here and we will help you on that part. So, take a look at our services and try them out.

Don’t plan to create an internship position for the following reasons.

When the students have to:

  • work from home in a “virtual” office location with the student telecommuting. Interns are expected to be working in a professional office environment.
  • work in a private residence or non-commercial setting.
  • work without direct supervision on a regular basis.
  • make an initial investment or purchase of products.
  • spend more than 25% of their time cold-calling.

Remember, an intern should never provide in their own personal computer, cell phone, camera or any other personal equipment.

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