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Frequently Asked Questions

General question

*What is Europe-internship?

Europe-internship is an online platform. It provides an online meeting point between companies and students who are looking to do their internship in Europe.

FAQ Students

*Why do an internship abroad?

An internship abroad will give you the opportunity to gain important knowledge and skills. Furthermore, it will also give you an insight into what it’s like behind the scenes. Do several internships to have a general overview of what the possible options are with your degree. As a result, you will also know what the job market has to offer.

*Where can I search for an internship on the website?

You need to visit our internship section on the website. Once there, you can look for the internship that suits you the most! You can find all the requirements on the left side of the screen.

*Do I have to pay?

No, you don’t have to pay. This service is totally free for students. Let us know if you come across a company which asks for money in order to be interviewed.

*How to apply for an internship?

Click on the vacancy. Here you can find more information about the job and the required skills. You can see “Apply for this internship” on the right side of the screen after choosing an internship. Next, you click on this button. Afterwards you need to complete your profile and upload your CV/Resume.

*How long before I get a response? 

We are not responsible for the recruitment procedure and policies of the companies. Therefore, we can’t know how long it will take. Try to keep in mind that you are not the only one applying for the vacancy. The companies will wait until they have a certain amount of candidates in order to compair them. Normally, they will first invite you for an exploratory meeting. This happens most of the time via a Skype meeting. Afterwards, they will let you know if you are selected or not. Hence, if you heard nothing from them in a while, send them a mail. This way you really show your interest in the vacancy.

*How can I view the status of my application?

You need to go to your applications on your dashboard. If the status is unprocessed, then it means that the company hasn’t processed your application yet. If the status is processed, then it means that the company has seen your CV. And therefore is considering your application and weather to invite you for an interview or not. If the status is approved, it means that you are accepted for the position. On the other hand, if the status is rejected, it means that you don’t meet their expectations. Which implies that you will have to look for another internship.

*When should I start looking for an internship?

As early as possible. The earlier you start looking for the right internship, the greater your chances are that you will find the one that fits your needs. As we update our website daily, chances are great that you will find the internship that you were looking for.

*When can I apply?

It depends on the vacancy that is published by the company. In order to find the latest published vacancies, visit the website frequently. See what the requirements are and apply if you believe that you can meet these requirements.

*When does the internship take place?

Every company asks for a different time of employment. Some companies are looking for interns during the whole year, while other companies just look for an intern during a fixed period of time. It is important that both parties reach an agreement on the duration of the internship.

*Will I get paid for the internship?

Most of the companies do not pay the intern. Although, some companies provide accomodation for their interns. The working experience itself, is their way of payment. Don’t see the non-payment as a disadvantage. As the experience at the company will prove to be of great value for you. There are companies that do pay their interns but don’t expect too much of it. You should see it as a form of curtesy as the wage will be the minimum.

*In which language should I write my application?

You are supposed to write your application in English. Sometimes there are companies who are looking for a native speaker or a candidate with an advanced level of another language. In such case, it might be useful to attach your application with a message in the required language.

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