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As mentioned, we recruit for almost any field and type of position but there are some which are the most common: 

  • IT, Programming and development
  • Education
  • Tourism / Hospitality
  • Business / Marketing
  • Nursery
  • Graphic Design /UX UI



Depending on the nature of the studies, experience and educational goals students participate in the company tasks, but normally they participate supporting and learning from their managers.


An internship lasts from 4 weeks to 12 months depending on the student study plan, we are able to provide candidates for many different type of lengths.

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The legal rights of an intern varies from one european country to another.
In any case, every internship should accomplish health & safety regulations and offer valuable educational experience. 

Which are the most common internship placements in Europe?

Educational study internships – Curricular internships (universities)

If the intern is a student required to do an internship up to 12 months as part of their education, normally labor regulations are not affecting to the candidates, though as said there may be some specific regulations on each country.

School experience placments 

School students who are making a placement as part of a lower education

Entry jobs or non-curricular internships

If a candidate is doing volunteerly an internship and not as part of an education, depending on the regulation of each country, it may get affected by labor reuglations.

EU Exception  

Since 2019, the European Union approved a regulation in order to attract graduate talent to the European Union.
Therefore, any person accommplishing the requirements listed below, can make an educational internship freely without being curricular if:
1) The student is an university or master student and wants to make an internship or  did not graduate more than 2 years ago.
2) You are an university student and the internship is related in some way to your education or background.
"Being present in a large number of markets around the world, the option of this type of internship is an ideal option to boost a certain market during a certain period and with specific actions."