Post-exchange: What to do after your Erasmus program abroad

What to do after an Erasmus program?

Being part of Erasmus could be one of the best experiences in your life. For sure you will make new friends, find new opportunities, get new skills and have better chances for a better future. The Erasmus experience will change your way of thinking extend your views on life, making you more open minded, making you without prejudice and this will help you to make new friendships and be friendlier. We already know all that. Today, our focus will be on the post-exchange period. Otherwise, what to do after an Erasmus program?

The first and most important goals of Erasmus are:

  • Becoming competitive in the job market
  • Socializing
  • Acquiring new knowledge and professional skills
  • Exploring new culture and language
  • Extending network of colleagues and friends
  • Strengthening key transversal skills

The skills and knowledge you will acquire during your Erasmus year will make it easier to find jobs in the future. The European job market is changing and the number of jobs requiring various skills are growing. Graduate students with international experience are half as likely to experience long-term unemployment and five years after graduation, the unemployment rate is lower by 23 %.

Begin you post-exchange period with an internship

If you are doing your internship it is possible that your employer will offer you the position you have been working in. This is an offer which will completely change your life and you should not miss it. A lot of students which finish their internship end up being entrepreneurs. Students from Erasmus can expect faster career advancement and they receive more professional responsibility. So it is obvious that every student with international experience will have more chances than the one who stayed at home. Your goal should be lifelong learning and improve your skills and knowledge. Experiences from your year abroad will help you in your future life, not only for professional development but you will become independent and maybe start living by on your own.

Post-exchange period: Time to take stock

Getting better career prospects is not the only advantage you will have:

  • Wider horizon’s and social connections
  • Tolerance ambiguity (accepting the culture and attitudes of others, adaptability),
  • Curiosity (openness for new experiences), confidence (belief in their own ability),
  • Calmness (awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses),
  • Determination (ability to make decisions) and energy (capability of problem-solving).

You will notice a lot of changes after going on Erasmus and again you will feel a cultural shock. Your friends will not agree with your new resolutions and behavior because Erasmus will change you, not in a bad way but in the best way for you.



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