Which content to put in your internship vacancy?

It’s simple, your role is to attract as much applicants as possible for your available internship position. And it must be said that there are different ways to make it attractive. In this article, we will give you our recipe for a successful internship post.

The content of your internship’s post

Firstly, you need to be aware of your role as an employer. Which information should you provide in order to create attractive informational content about your available internship position. The aim here is to increase trust on behalf of the student. The provided information should give them the feeling that they will be carrying out meaningful work. Secondly, provide all the additional information they need to know. Therefore, the list below should inspire you. It will give you an overview of what must be perfectly defined in your internship’s post.

The title

Your title needs to sum up the most important aspects of your internship position in 7 to 12 words. For this, Europe-internship.com created a template. Filling in this template will make sure that you have a title that contains all the necessary information.

Your title = (Paid) + Field + Internship in + Location + at + Company’s name

The company description

The aim here is to give a preview of your company’s environment. Be creative and sell yourself. Nobody can do that better than you. It really matters for the students as they would like to know where they will enroll. Give the students an insight in policies as well as procedures within your company. Furthermore, speak about your work area and your company’s spirit! Write down in a nutshell the company’s mission and vision for example.

The job description:

Define the specific roles and responsibilities within your organization.

  • What about the team he’ll be working in.
  • Who will be his personal tutor.
  • What are the main tasks he will be managing.

The tasks:

Generally presented in the form of bullet points. This part is the most valuable for the candidates. Because it’s where they will see in the blink of an eye if they fit or not. In other words, make it precise, clear and simple. Don’t hesitate to use specific terms linked with the position.

Skills and requirements:

The skills and requirements are highly variable depending on your internship’s field. Write down which skills they should posses in order to fulfil the specified tasks.

Other useful information:

  • Do you offer training and supervision through the term of employment?
  • Will you discuss means of increasing productivity and evaluate job performance?
  • Remind the intern of the fact that you will provide all the necessary materials, technology and working space during work time.
  • Have you already established the rate of compensation for your interns?

Who better than you is supposed to know what to put in this part of your vacancy’s content? Let them know important things which did not fit the previous categories. Use your imagination to be attractive and let the students know the benefits they could earn by enrolling in your company!

To move on…

In order to make your internship post more unique and attractive for interns,  we picked up some ideas for you to add such as:

  • Testimonial written by a previous intern
  • Presentation video of your company
  • Name of the manager supervising the intern
  • Contact details of the HR manager
  • Any relevant information about your work place (review)

Example of an Internship’s post template:

To conclude with, we would like to present you the visual aspect of what a vacancy should look like in term of content and design on Europe-internship.com.
internship post template europe-internship.com

P.S. Don’t worry, Europe-internship.com will manage the design part!

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