Why you should never visit Slovakia. Ever.

Discover along this blog article 29 good reasons to not go in Slovakia. After this reading, we are convinced that you will never set a foot in Slovakia!

1. Slovakia is really not beautiful


Bratislava Main Square, Christmas market


2. Especially not the nature

Mill in Kvačianska Valley


3. It has literally nothing to offer


Banská Štiavnica Calvary


4. No breathtaking places


Domica cave, Rožňava


5. No history

Spiš castle, the 6th biggest castle in the world


6. And definitely no beautiful landscapes

The High Tatras


7. Beautiful animals live only in the ZOOs


A wild fox, Pieniny


8. Because the country doesn’t have its traditional ones


Tatra Chamois, which is living only in the Tatras


9. The countryside is so boring

A small church in Drážovce, Nitra


10. And gets even more boring in the winter

Veľký Rozsutec mountain, Žilina


11. Not to mention the spring, of course

The High Tatras



12. It sucks since the country doesn’t have a sea

The Liptov Dam, Liptovský Mikuláš


13. And it has no traditions…

A traditional slovak festival, Čičmany


14. …nor interesting museums

Vlkolínec museum – a traditional vilage,World Heritage site, Ružomberok


15. It just grew out of nothing


The Altar of Master Paul of Levoča, 16th century, the biggest wooden altar in the world


16. The cities are just so ugly!


Unesco World Heritage, Bardejov


17. Not interesting at all


St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral, Košice


18. You can just feel the communism everywhere


Bratislava Castle, Bratislava


19. Really nothing to see

Main Square, Kremnica, one of the oldest Mints in the world


20. Especially not in Bratislava. Everyone hates Bratislava. You too. Start hating. Now.


Bratislava’s Old Town with an overview of the St. Michael’s Gate, a former part of the city’s fortification


21. And by the way – the country has really terrible castles…Terrible!

Orava Castle, Oravský Podzámok


22. Just ugly

Trenčín Castle, Trenčín


23. Mainly this one


Bojnice Castle, Bojnice


24. As well as the women..


Lomnický Štít, High Tatras


25. …and the food


A traditional slovak garlic soup served in a crispy bread


26. Really bad


Traditional slovak types of cheese, such as Oštiepok, Korbáčik or Parenica


27. Everything is just boring, sad and ugly


Špania Dolina, a Valley in Banská Bystrica


28. They will all just rob you anyway…even the animals


A squirrel in a park, Nitra


29. There is no point in visiting Slovakia…Why anyone does it?


Hriňová, Detva


Only to see all of this beauty. And in case you didn’t see it till now, this is definitely the best time to do it!

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