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Romania is between central and southeastern Europe. It borders Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the north and east, Bulgaria to the south and the Black sea to the east. Romania has a population of 19 million people, the seventh largest population in the EU.

Romania – a brief history

Romania is a countries which was under soviet influence after World War II. The country became a socialist republic. In 1989, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Romania began the journey to become a democratic country with a market economy. After two decades, Romania is already an upper middle-income country, part of NATO, the EU and many other international associations.

Intern in Romania – developing the economy

In the last 20 years, the economy of Romania has developed a lot and is characterized by it’s low unemployment and high growth. After the communist regime, the country’s economy was underdeveloped and so the country still only has 46% of the EU average when it comes to GDP per capita, despite the economy’s rapid growth.

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