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Italy is located on a peninsula in Southern Europe. From the north, it borders Slovenia, Austria, France and Switzerland. The country has a population of about 60.6 million people which makes it the 5th most populous country in Europe. Nowadays, Italy plays a big role in Europe when it comes to politics, economy and culture as it is one of the biggest countries in the European Union.

Student placements in Rome, the city with thousands of years of history

Rome, the capital city of Italy, has a population of 2,8 million people in the city and around 3.5 million people in the metropolitan area. The city boasts an unbelievably rich history as it was the capital city of the world’s longest lasting Empire for 1000 years. The city is full of ancient ruins and other interesting history. In ancient times, Rome was also the host of the Vatican state, home of the Pope, head of the Catholic church.

Internships in Italy, strong economy divided in two

In terms of its economy, Italy is a strongly controversial country. On the one hand, Northern Italy is one of the richest regions in Europe but on the other hand Southern Italy is one of the poorest. Despite this, Italy is a major player in the global market as it ranks in the top 5 biggest economies in Europe and top 10 biggest economies in the world. Italy is an interesting place to do an internship as a characteristic of the Italian economy is the large number of SME’s that concentrate on high quality products.

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