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Ireland, the third-biggest island in Europe, is located west of Great Britain. The Republic of Ireland actually covers around 85% of the whole island and the rest, Northern Ireland, is part of the United Kingdom. The population of the country is around 4.6 million people. The population of the whole island is around 6.4 million if you count North-Ireland as well.

Internship in Dublin, a former Viking stronghold

The Gaelic culture of Ireland has been strongly affected by cultures such as the Normans and English, but is still very independent, strong, and characteristic. However some places, like Dublin, the capital of Ireland, was originally established as a Viking fortress. The city is located on the east coast of the island just next to the Irish sea. The Dublin region is also the economic centre for Ireland and in the year 2009 the city was listed the world’s 9th richest in terms of purchasing power.

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