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Hungary is a country in Central Europe bordered by Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia. The population of Hungary is about 10 million with the capital city of Budapest having a population of 1.7 million. Before World War I, Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, but after the war it lost about 70% of its territory. During the cold war,

Hungary was one of the countries under Soviet influence

Student placements in Hungary, the land of plains, thermal lakes and a unique language
Around half of the landscape of Hungary is covered in plains. As well, the world’s largest thermal lake can be found in Hungary. The country has numerous national parks and nature reserves. Another thing that defines Hungary is its beautiful language. The country differs from all its neighboring countries because of it. The language is neither Slavic nor Germanic, but Finno-Ugric, distantly related to Finnish and Estonian.

Intern in Hungary, a healthy, open, and growing economy

The Hungarian economy has been growing a lot due to strong foreign investment into the country. In fact, Hungary receives nearly 30% of all foreign investments in Central Europe. The economy is mid-sized, open and foreign capital is well-protected. In addition, the economy has strong labor, investment, business, and monetary freedoms with low corporate taxes. These facts make Hungary a desirable country to invest in and thus desirable to do an internship in.

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